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I like feedback, it's what keeps the system working and honest.
I am so tired of cyclists arriving here, look at their profile, they've been a member for three whole weeks...and hosts have gone to the trouble to leave them feedback, but they've left none for their hosts. That just seems kind of shitty to me. Some guests never leave any feedback, ever. You would think that a program that gives them this much hospitality, that they would go out of their way to leave feedback. If it needs to be neutral or negative and not positive, then so be it, that's what the system is for. Guy last night, brand new member, has stayed with several warmshowers, didn't mention how grateful he was for WS, only that it was "convenient" for him.. (this fellow was not a youngster just learning his manners, he is 59)
I am pretty sure he had the ability to post feedback, as all he talked about was Facebook posts he had posted that day and how many "likes" he had...

Rant over

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hosting issues

Hi Perry,
We stayed with you and Lep 4 years ago while on the ST. I still vividly recall how great it was to stay with y'all. I am glad to hear most guests are good (and I hope we were :), but I think with the shear volume of cyclists you host, you are bound to get some that aren't 5 star. I have to say I think I see a slight difference (decline) in the 'quality' of cyclists using WS in the last couple of years; I guess that's due to the huge increase in members.

Do you feel like you have to say 'yes' to everyone who asks? I realize you want to help, but maybe you don't have to. And I surely wouldn't hesitate to say to a guest as you are welcoming them, that (1) there is no internet, and (2) if you need anything else that I haven't shown to you please ask before looking for it. I would also, as others suggested, put on your profile that you have no internet. That right there might keep a few folks from even requesting a night with you.

You are so generous, with great reviews, so everyone wants to stay with you. But I wouldn't hesitate to be more selective or to be more up front about what you expect from a guest. If I see that a cyclist has stayed with several hosts (by reviews left for them) and never left a review for any of them, I might not accept their request.

Good luck, and thanks for your unending generosity.

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Having references from hosts but no (or fewer) references for hosts certainly counts against potential guests here, not that there might not be other redeeming factors about their request but I certainly don't look upon it favorably. As for my own guests, I have outright asked them if there was a problem or any reason they didn't see fit to write a reference on several occasions. If I hear nothing after several months I have no problem removing their reference (unless it is neutral or negative).

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Not my Posting!!

I JUST saw this post with my name today (Perry anyway) but I never (would) or did post that. Not certain what that means for site security. Will see if can be deleted.

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Not to worry

Not to worry, Bruce. Turns out there's more than one Perry in the world. This one happens to be in Louisiana and is known to me.

You HAVE NOT been hacked.


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I'll never understand

I'll never understand why guests don't leave feedback. It may well be that entitlement of which you speak or simple lack of manners. I really don't know.


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Guests sign our guest book. Sometimes we wonder if by doing that they have already thanked us and shared their thoughts. Despite that, I am real strong on encouraging that they leave formal feedback on the sight to show both my credibility as well as theirs. Even then, they do not. I have even has wonderful guests return for a second stay, and still leave no feedback on the site.

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Posting From the Road

Not to make excuses for anybody.... but during my first tour, I was so overwhelmed by the challenges of a totally unfamiliar experience, that what little time I could find with internet access was taken up by securing future hosts, searching for campgrounds, scoping routes, and checking weather. It was a while before I could add in feedback too.

However, I always made the effort to personally express my gratitude, show my appreciation by offering/supplying table fare or libations, cleaned up after myself, offered assistance when appropriate, followed house rules, and was on my best behavior while a guest. Though I am not perfect, I always tried to be good company and to "earn" a positive feedback rating, as vetting is very important when you are just starting out in the system.

However, while I did catch up on most of my host feedback along the way, I find I became less enthusiastic about it because even though I wrote glowing reviews, none of them felt the need to make any gesture... I understand that lives are busy, but I guess it just goes by the wayside after a few years of being a popular host. After all, how many ways can you say "Nice person, good experience, they seem appreciative and trustworthy"?

I will be relocating near the Western Express and Sierra routes, so I look forward to the reciprocal part of Warmshowers... but I may implement a "Guest Book" type of exit protocol... "Please, let's take a moment to check into the site before you leave so we can support a viable vetting system"... hint, hint.

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Unlike other hospitality sites where you confirm a reservation, WS has not way at present to get the data as to how many actual hosting encounters are made. Feedback is the only way we can attempt to guess at how much interaction takes place. This is enamor reason why giving feedback is so important!

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