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Rhine River Route Maps and Guides

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Rhine River Route Maps and Guides

We are riding the Rhine from Andermatt to Rotterdam this summer and would like any feedback on maps and guides members have used. We have the Cicerone Guide Book and are considering the Bikeline spiral maps (now 4 volumes) although these are only available in German (which we do not speak). We have toured quite a bit in Europe and usually make our own way with Michelin maps but feel in this case following a published route may be better. Any feedback appreciated. Also any advice on the train regarding bikes from Zurich to Andermatt or Oberalppass would also be appreciated as we are campers and travelling fully loaded.

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I use the bikeline guide last

I use the bikeline guide last year for touring germany
neckar and rhein valley
I dont' speak german but no problem I can read maps
the is also gps track to download (not always necessary as the track is very easy )

the neckar valley is fine as the rhein valley is sometime boring ...

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Eurovelo 15

1. You dont really need a map- Eurovelo 15 is properly signposted , but if, you will find plenty of info on the net, for instance
2. Train tickets are extremely expensive in Switzerland, but there are certain distances and departures with ca 50% discount (I traveled such one Genève – Andermatt), when booked on the net. Ask any of WS-membbers in Switzerland for help with finding them.

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