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Stuttgart; bikes wanted to buy

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Stuttgart; bikes wanted to buy

I would appreciate any advice on where to buy touring bikes (not too expensive) and if there would be the possibility of selling them back five weeks later, for a lesser price obviously. We will be in Stuttgart on May 21 for a few days and would really appreciate any advice. Alternatively if anyone wants to rent us decent bikes that could be a possibility as well.

We have panniers and a bike trailer but could also rent a trailer if it saved bringing ours over from NZ.

We are really looking forward to our cycle trip... just need to work out the logistics of getting bikes. We took our own bikes to Europe last time but this time we are visiting several "non bike" places first and it is not feasible to take ours from here.

All advice/offers gratefully received!

Cheers, Ellie

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There is a company in

There is a company in Stuttgart which offers bikes for rent since about 20 years:
To my knowledge they offer low-end Trekkingbikes. Just discuss what you need with the owner Andreas Straub (e.g. size of the bikes, what kind of racks for your panniers). You can take bikes on all regional trains (at least after 9am). Buying and selling bikes when in a hurry seems complicated for me.

I would recommend to avoid using a trailer. 2 big panniers, a stuff sack on top and maybe a handlebar-bag should be more than sufficient for a few days in our area - even with a small tent, sleepingbag and mat.

Andreas - WS host at the river neckar 50km south of Stuttgart

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