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Advice on crossing Morocco needed.

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Advice on crossing Morocco needed.

I am planning to travel from Madrid to Senegal, beginning in mid-January. I need some advice on the best route to cross Morocco from Tanger to Guerguerat. My main concerns are the safety of major national roads, the condition of secondary roads (especially after the floods in November in the South of the country) and my need to find the easiest and fastest route, as I need to save time and energy to cross the Sahara desert before it gets too hot.
Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge on the roads of this beautiful country.

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Roads condition

a friend of mine is actually south ofMarrakesch. He hadn`t written about any damage of the paved roads. Don`t know anything about pistes. Some will be damaged. Depends of the exact location.

National roads can be dangerous. Escpecially near sundown and at the coastline.

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