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Winter tour in Spain

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Winter tour in Spain

Hi there,
I am planning a trip to somewhere warm(er) this winter. I can not really afford to get too far (somewhere really warm) so I thought Spain could be great. Does anybody have experiance - I was thinking of Andalucia or the Costa del Sol. Or maybe flying to Barcelona and then cycle to the South. I am happy with 10+ Celsius temperature, but do not want to fight the rain for days...
And an other question...some of my WS guests told me that the police in Spain is quite mean when I do wildcamping - they tend to look out for wildcampers in the bush and they do really find and fine you... is it really that bad?
Thanks for any info, idea... is anybody heading that way during winteror only I got this maybe crazy idea.. :)

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Hi there. Re camping in

Hi there.
Re camping in spain, I never had any problem actually, going to portugal last year, but mainly coming back into Andelucia, zigzagging to madrid, valencia, barcelona.
-but I was careful to not be visible; maybe overly so.
Also, sometimes asking at a bar/restaurent, they could be really friendly and helpful.
You can write me if you wish to know more.

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We are going to tour in the Murcia-region

Hi Frida,

Gerald and I had the same idea: cycling somewhere, where it's warmer than here in Freiburg.
We are going to take a bus from Freiburg to Murcia, which is in the neighbourhood of Andalucia. Then we want to cycle on a "greenway" (via verde del noroeste) and just looking, where it is nice :-)

Ellen and Gerald

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Thanks for the replies!

Thanks for the replies! Ellen, when are you heading towards South? I plan to go end of January/February.
You can put your bikes into the bus? I am trying to find a no-plane option (at least one direction) to get there and it would be quite simple for me to get to Munich by train from Hungary. You take Eurolines?
Do you think there will be any other cycle tourers there during the winter? I like going alone, but I also really love the great encounters/meetings on a steep uphill section :)
We have been in Puglia 2 years back in autumn - and people were looking at us like we were aliens (let alone cyclists) the only tourists in 100 km radius wherever we went...

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we will be in Murcia-region until the 5th of January

Hi Frida,
pitty, that we won't meet...
We are going to disassemble the bikes and put them into Special bags, so they look like a suitcase and so it's no Problem to take them with us in Trains or buses - we always travel like that. And yes, we take a eurolines-bus.

If you ever come to Freiburg - visit us :-)

Greetings, Ellen

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not that bad

Tourist area in summer in Spain is just terrible.
But winter is very very diferent. Any way, try not to be camping in the city park, aboit Marbella to stay at night...
About the weather: mountains are mountains where ever you go. they get cold at night. so beautyfull places like cazorla (Cordova) or sierra nevada (Granada) will demand good equiment. (there is not but weather but inconvenient clothes)

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