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چگونه ويزا بگيرم

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چگونه ويزا بگيرم

با سلام خدمت شما من سوالي داشتم در مورد اينكه چطور ميتوانم ويزا براي دوچرخه سواري در كشورهاي ديگر بگيرم.
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Hi ,

welcome here.

I like riding. Maybe I can help You. You can use this page:

Have a good way.

Regards Sebastian

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Hi ,

I've got Your pm.

You can ask for conditions in embassy of each country. You can ask most of them by email, You find addresses in internet by or by

Important seems to me:
When to go?
How long to stay?
How long to wait for getting visa?
What traffic way to come in and out?
How much to pay for visa?
Where to get the visa?
What special conditions (fly back ticket? invitation? hotel reservation? insurance of health? ...)

Good way Regards Sebastian

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