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Belgium to Southern Italy

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Belgium to Southern Italy

Hello All,
Its finally time to get biking again. 2019 England to Spain was great ( even the tough days).
This time I'm Flying into Belgium on March 22nd and have been offered a place In Bruge with Geert, whom I stayed with in 2019!

Funny I was planning to start in Brussels but Geert said come to Bruge and stay with me when you arrive! I figure we have plenty to catch up on and why not?! so I'll stay in Bruge if he isn't busy then swing over and see Antwerp then I want to see Bastgone.
I am hoping to see another friend in Luxembourg if he is available. I did not meet him from Warm Showers , but thats another story.
For a guy that likes to plan I will just kinda will head south and I'll see whats in front of me as far as where I head .. I might go over the Alps then to Italy or down to Saint Tropez first then to Italy ..

Anyway I may reach out to some of you and if your busy I understand life happens.

I'll use whats app and hope my tech skills have gotten better
Just Keep Pedaling
picture is of My Co Pilot and I out side Hostel In Spain we finished

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The Planning is a nightmare and then taking care of the regular life stuff we all deal with still must get done.
The bike is boxed and things are almost packed so I have hope. I leave 3/22/23 8:30 PST LAX and land in 8:30 am in Brussel on the 3/23/23

I plan on putting the bike together in the airport ( hopefully simple enough and then getting to Bruges ( train or bike ) to see my friend.
Ya gotta start with a plan huh ?

PS I still don't know about using the iphone app is it still good to contact host ?

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Hi, better to use the app for hosting. There You can see phone numbers and call. But not in the main page!