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Recommendations - Italy or Croatia?

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Recommendations - Italy or Croatia?


I'm cycle touring through Europe and have spent the last 3 weeks cycling through The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but now it is getting cold I am catching a train to Venice. But after that I can't decide which way to go, so I would appreciate any advice or recommendations on this.

I was thinking of either going south through Italy, or around to the coast of Croatia. I have never cycled in either country before, so I was wondering what the cycling conditions are like? I assume there are fewer off-road paths than in Germany or The Netherlands? Which is your favourite?
Is it possible to catch a train/ferry south with my bike in either country? If so, is it expensive?



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where next

Hi Yvonne
I'd suggest Switzerland and especially France.
France is exc for cycling and big.
I'm riding from next week from Switzerland south towards Grenoble, going south as weather cools.
France is friendly with good facilities.

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Website on ferries here with

Website on ferries here with an overview map of routes in Croatia and Italy.
If you want to travel in country... say southwards in Italy... trains are probably your best bet.

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train in Italy

yes, you can use train+biek in Italy, it's a very good opportunity but you've to verify the train-type, on the faster Freccia, it's not possible to put there the bike, also the same on the "Interregionali".
But it's a very nice experience on the regional train, the cost it's 3€ daily ticket without limits, but, if you need to stay in Italy more time and often use the train, it's better ther yearly subscription (if I remember well 60€ no limits on kms). It's possible to be a monthly subscription but I don't remember.
Some of wshowers that I've hosted in my home have used train+bike to go to the next step.
Of course Italy is the best (despite our politicians!)ahahahhah!

If you move to Milan I'll be happy to host you!

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I rode in Italy and Croatia

I rode in Italy and Croatia in 2009. I loved both. I don't think it's an easy comparison. Either place is beautiful and has great things to do. I took the ferry from Ancona, Italy to Split, Croatia. I don't remember how much it was. I tended to stay on small highways in between cities, didn't really get off the road much, but it was spectacular anyhow.

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