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Bordeaux to Paris

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Bordeaux to Paris

Hello! Irish female planning a cycling trip from Bordeaux to Paris this May. Aim to set off from Bordeaux on the 17th .... Company very welcome!

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I may bike from Preuilly-sur

I may bike from Preuilly-sur-Claise to Amboise then to Orléans around the 26 of may.
I'm from Preuilly and Amboise, so, I can help with touristy stuff :P

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Hey Pascal, nice to meet you! I may have reached Paris by the 26th (though you never know!) but if I stop by Amboise some help with touristy stuff would be great!

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Ok, I'll still be in Preuilly

Ok, I'll still be in Preuilly at this time. Maybe i'll start the 25.
If you don't plan to stick to the EV path, I suggest you have a look at those cute countryside village: Angle sur l'anglin, La roche Posay, Preuilly sur Claise and Le Grand Pressigny.
Have a nice ride

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Change of Plan

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your previous message and advice! This is to say that my plan has now changed a bit in that I will now be cycling from Tours to Paris--for various reasons the plan to go from Bordeaux wasn't going to work. I will be setting off from Tours on the 17th by bike and will probably stretch it out and take about 3 days on the road before Paris. Also any advice regarding good vineyards for wine tastings would be much appreciated. 

Enjoy Preuilly!