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East to West USA Route

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East to West USA Route

Planning a trip from East to West starting in Yorktown Virginia and ending in Astoria Or. Using Adventure cycling maps. Is it best to do the Trans American Trail or Use the Lewis and Clark Trail and avoid Kanas? Any information on either of these routes would be helpful in our planning. I did the Norther Tier in July and it was way to HOT for my Alaskan blood :-) 

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Which route to avoid the heat

If sensitive to heat, the North is cooler than the middle, I might suggest the Southern tier in winter. As you mentioned Virginia, I passed there in late October. Bugs dying off and high temperatures are not as intense. Rode down coast, cutting across Southern Georgia and popped out at Panhandle Florida. Coastal as far as you desire, due to onshore winds, turned inland around Corpus Christi. Hit Laredo on the Rio Grande. Following river to El Paso and then you have some options on either side of border. Mexico is easy riding, a little cheaper, and if you avoid places the road disappears into a cavern, better asphalt than TX and NM.

I just finished my ride in February of this year.

Temperatures are typically perfect for cycling, expect for a section in Texas I encountered lows into the thirties; given I Carried a summer bag, picked up a blanket to be more comfortable.

Happy trails