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West side of Italy

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West side of Italy

I am planning a tour from Nice to Naples or further. 
any suggestions or recommendations on routing would be appreciated. 
I am also looking for a companion to join me. 

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I know about the EV routes

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Nice to Naples

Hi!  I cycled from Nice over the Col d'Eze into Monaco in September. I rode down to Ventemiglia. As I had done that coast in reverse 2 years prior, from La Spezia, over the Litoralia and the Passo De Braco, I took a train to La Spezia so I did not repeat. From La Spezia I cycled to Marina di Massa and on to Pisa, before going over the the Adriatic coast, up the Alpe-Adria trail and then the Danube. I have cycled a lot in that area, by myself, and it's lovely.  You can pretty much follow the coast, except through the Cinque Terra would be tough!  I stayed in Air BNBs, Warm Showers and private rooms, as well as hostels.  Touring in Europe is quite easy. (I live in Canada).