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East Coast Way US from Maine to Florida May 2021

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East Coast Way US from Maine to Florida May 2021

Hello Everybody, I´m a 62 years young German,To fullfill my dream; I´m looking forward to cycle the complete East Coast Way starting in May 2021. The big question is: when will the US immigration allows Europeans to travel again to the US?? I´m waiting every day for new information about this topic.

The star will be Bar Harbor in Maine. Off course, I´m very interested to use this platform to receive information about local routes/maps, possibillities for private overnight stays etc. I´ll be also very happy if somebody wants to ride with me for a couple of days or weeks or months. My average speed is about 15-20 km/h depending of the track profile. I have been several times to the US for business but a have no experiences with cycling. I prefer small roads without heavy traffic. I appreciate your ideas,suggestions and any kind of hints for such tour.


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East Coast Ride

The Covid numbers are receding everyday and I would guess that restrictions will ease in a month or so.  They might want you to have both Covid shots and maybe an up-to-date Covid test.  I'm leaving my ride flexible for this year until things calm.  I completed that ride in 2013, mostly taking the beach roads.   If you follow the Adventure Cycling route, you will be on quieter roadways.  Good luck. 

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East coast USA tour

I would look into the East Coast Greenway.   Though it is not yet completed large portions are.  The route segments are off road, but paved or crushed stone.   I ride sections with 25 c tires no problem.   Years ago I did the ride from VA to Florida.   The Greenway didn't exist then.   I used the adventure cycle route for some of it, but found it very boring.   So made my own way.   The ACA routes avoided anywhere there was traffic, so took you away from towns and points of interest.   Maybe that has changed.   But I couldn't recommend it.  

   Hopefully by May Covid numbers will be getting better.  But as of now, many states are still in very bad shape and have limited vaccine.  

   I live in RI, if when you pass this way and  you have had a vaccine you can stay here.   But if I have not had it, you would have to camp in the yard.   But it's a nice place to camp 

    Good luck.

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RE: East Coast Way US From Maine to Florida May 2021

Hello! I live in NJ. I´d be happy to ride with you through part of the state, or perhaps through the whole thing. to cut through the entire state going south is only 200 miles so it wouldn´t be too much time. Otherwise, you´re welcome to stay here, and I´ll give you plenty of recommendations for routes through NJ. It´s a wonderful state when you know where to go. 

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Route and overnight advice

Hi Martin, we rode from Florida to Bar Harbor in 2017. The Greenway is excellent, although we didn't stick to it the whole way. If it's helpful I can send you the route we took and details of all the places we stayed along the way?

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Bar Harbor - Key West (Blog)

Hallo Martin

Ich schreib dir jetzt auf Deutsch, okay?;-)

Wir haben 2017 diese Tour gemacht und es war GENIAL! Falls es dich interessiert, hier uns Blog inkl. genauen Karten, wo wir durchgeradelt sind. Bei Fragen jederzeit melden.

Liebe Grüsse

Merita&Stephan aus der Schweiz