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RestFul API

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RestFul API


I don't know if it is the right section to post this topic but:
Can anyone tell me if this API still working ; ?
Looks like I'm able to get a token, but once I tried to login I have an error 401 with the message "HTTP Authorization failure credentials not present".
Can we use the API for our own needs ? I am currently developing my own cycling app and it would be really helpful to have access to this API.

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While WarmShowers once

While WarmShowers once supported the idea of an open‑source website and the app was community‑maintained, the old app is now on life support, and the WS organization has hired a contractor to create a new app that will be closed source and, apparently, for‑pay. So, what you read on old Github repositories sadly no longer reflects the current leadership’s values.

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Oh ok thanks.
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The December 12 newsletter

The December 12 newsletter had a Request for Proposals for developing an app with a deadline of December 20.
So this looked very rigged. I have not heard anything since then.

There is a group of volunteers that maintains an android app. WS-leadership disabled API access last spring, but it was restored recently for their app. I think one can see on GitHub somewhere how they struggle with a WS leadership that does not seem to understand much.

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