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Cycling with children

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Cycling with children

Hi cyclers,


I have searched the forum for a topic like this, but in vain. I'm new to warmshowers and I did my first tour with my son last summer and I'm wonderning if there are cyclers out there touring with their children? Please post below I would like to exchange some experiences.

Which countries did you tour? How old are your children? Did they ride their own bikes or did you have them in a bike trailer or on a tandem bike? How long was your tour? What did you do with the luggage? Motivion problems regarding the children? Where did you stay? Campsites? Warmshower hosts? Pensions? Was it difficult to find a host?

In the next post I will tell you about the experiences with my son and would be glad to read from yours too!


Looking very forward to a vivid exchange!

Regards, Gerda

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