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Croatia-Slovenia-Italy-France-Spain (Santiago de Compostela)

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Croatia-Slovenia-Italy-France-Spain (Santiago de Compostela)

Hello! I'm starting my travel from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia in the end of September 2019. and biking until 6. of November. My rout is ROUGHLY
Slovenia- Kranj,
Italy-Udine, Milano, Turin, Savona
France-Nice, Marrseille, Montpellier,
Spain-Girona, Barcelona, Lleida, Zaragoza, Longorno, Burgos, Leon, Pontaferrada, Lugo, Santiago de Compostela

Little bit about me: I've biked trough most of Slovenia, trough all the Croatian coast, and trough all of Herzegovina and half of Bosnia. That summes up to quite a lot km :) I'm a 27 YO student from Zagreb, Croatia who has been dreaming  about this trip for a long time. I love meeting new people and everything else about bike traveling. 

If you live near any of this places and want to join me a part of the way, or if you're willing to host me for a night (not necessarily in the cities, it would be even better if it was a smaller city or village) please send me a message, I'd be happy :)

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Part of the journey

Hi Iva

It certainly a great route unfortuntaley i dont have much time off at the momento so i will be able to join you at some point for the italy part as i was looking to ride ther for along time ,i am attending a volleybal event compettion in maribor and then will be heading your way by the 6 october .I usually camp and travel light .

Hope we could share part of the route .I have a route in mind about 50 to 60 km a day .

Have a great start and safe ride .



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