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Traveling to Majorca spain next year during the easter vacation - any tips please

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Traveling to Majorca spain next year during the easter vacation - any tips please

Hi my husband and I are planning about a 10 day trip to majorca next year to bike and relax. any tips? should we take our bikes or rent? what side of the island should we stay on. all information would be great!!
thanks and travel on

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Mallorca is probably the most

Mallorca is probably the most popular place in Europe to go train during off-season, and the infrastructure and attitudes of local drivers are excellent towards cyclists. There are plenty of rental shops for all kinds of bikes around Mallorca, but around easter is high season for cycling, so you should definitely make a reservation. In my case, the rental bikes are better than my own, and cheaper than what airlines would charge to bring it.

As you can see on the map, the northwest side is very hilly, while southeast is relatively flat, but you can reach the hills on a 130km day trip even from S'Arenal or Llucmajor.

Some people recommend Alcudia, because it has short distance to both hills and flats, and while not as big as Palma, there are still all necessary services available.

Some hotels organize guided cycling trips for their guests, sometimes several for different lengths and speeds. Most hotels also have a dedicated bicycle storage.

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thanks for the feedback. This will definately help and hopefully we will have everything set by the fall. anyone else?

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I holiday in Mallorca at

I holiday in Mallorca at least once a year. I used to keep a bike out there or fly with my own. It is no longer economical to take your own bike. The UK airlines charge up to £50 each way for the bike. The shuttle bus drivers are now in on the act and will charge 20euros to take the bike.
This year I hired a new full carbon Pinarello for 100 euros for 7 days.
I take my own saddle and pedals. There are good bike shops all over the island and most of them will deliver bikes to your hotel.
You definately need to book and reserve your bikes during the busy periods.
I prefer Alcudia as a base but have stayed all over the island and never been disappointed.

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"Rent or bring

"Rent or bring bikes?"
Definitely rent bikes. They are well maintained, high quality, and cheap. (This is a big business with lots of international competition, so it drives the prices down.)

"Where to stay?"
Will you have a car? I personally am not a big fan of staying on the North of the island unless you are 100% only interested in cycling. The Western side of the island is also beautiful, but very poorly connected to the rest of the island.

Palma is a really beautiful and interesting city with great food and drink. Even driving from the north to Palma takes about 45 minutes. I would also consider staying somewhere around Palma, or perhaps on of the pueblos directly to the north as you will have great access to everything. Of course there are also some very nice hotels around Valldemossa, Deia and Sóller, which also offer great riding, but you will be starting in the mountains and riding out and in if that makes sense.

Anyhow, feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.

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