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Update on site problems for June?

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Update on site problems for June?

I tend to plan my entire tour way ahead and contact potential hosts with a surplus of lead time.  I am recontacting hosts after one week of no response, usually by text, that say they didn't receive my computer requests who were happy to provide hospitality.  It would be nice to know what is going on.

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Detailed documentation

When one notices this, one should make a detailed bug report: parties involved, dates and times of messages sent. Does the host get his other WS mail like the newsletter? Without details it is easy for the organization to ignore such reports as impossible to investigate.

Maybe we can do some testing here in this thread? I received one request this season, so my account is connected. But you (or anyone) are welcome to send me a test message, so that we can see if it arrives and  how long it takes. Maybe the site should introduce such a testing option, a message to oneself via the ws servers, to make sure that everything works.

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