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Cycling the Western High Atlas (Morocco)

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Cycling the Western High Atlas (Morocco)

A trip in the mountains:
Imouzzer is a beautiful and quiet village in the Western High Atlas 60 km to the north east of Agadir. The road passes throu some beautiful canyons and spectacular landscapes and many honey shops, a renown local specialty. No shortage of food and water and shelter all the way. Few cyclists visit the area due to the high altitude. But the trip is doable:

Happy tours!

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Sounds like a great ride. My

Sounds like a great ride. My girlfriend and I are thinking of going to Morocco in the Spring. What time of year did you do this trip? How was the weather?

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Bike ride Morocco

Hi Matt,

Morocco is good for every time of the year. Depends just what you want to do.
For myself I want to ride from 17th Sept. to 8th Oct. there. Thought I`ll ride this roads:
Spring is a time what`s not easy. Cause everything can be possible but you can`t be sure. Gorges can be full of smelting water.

Immouzer is pretty close to Agadir but the Ouzoud water falls are much more spectacular.

Febr. is a nice time. Almond trees are blossom, it`s not cold (mostly about 15 to 20 degrees). But carry almost warm clothes, the high passes are mostly snowy.
Can recommend the Anti-Atlas. Not too much increase but a nice scenery.


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Hallo Matthew, I cant add

Hallo Matthew,

I cant add much to what is written above.

Starting in Agadir any road south, east or north is great thou sometimes physically demanding due to the altitude and the temperature. The last depends on the season you are touring.

I made different tours in the area from december to april and found the end and the beginning of the year much pleasant. A little cold in the mountains at night but doable below altitudes of 3000 m.

I would not recommend a loaded bike in april, may and june specially in exposed costal areas as the wind from the Atlantic Ocean is strong. There are often no windbreaks along the roads.

In july and august the temperatures rise and sometimes an other dry desert wind from the south / south east is strong.

Temperatures and conditions in other parts of the country may be different.

I agree, the cascades of Imouzzer are indeed not so spectacular but I went there for an other reason: home made honey and medicinal plants the area is renown for.

Happy tours

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