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June and July Tour through Italy / giugno e luglio Touring in Italia

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June and July Tour through Italy / giugno e luglio Touring in Italia

Looking if anyone's interested in joining me for a week or two while I'm touring Italy this summer - I'm a college student on my first international tour, late May through mid-July, looking for 50-100 km per day on a casual ride round the peninsula. I speak Italian, and I'm looking to get off the tourist path and do some camping, get to know the country. Would start in Milano, go via Firenze and Roma to Napoli, and then return north on the Adriatic coast. Message me if you're interested - I'd love the company!

Ciao! vuoi andare con me in sella questa estate? Sto preparando un viaggio in bici da Milano a Napoli (andato e ritorno), 30 maggio - 10 luglio, forse 50-100 km/giorno. Sto cercando dei compagni che vogliono accompagnarmi me per una settimana (o due, non sono fissato). Sono americano (quindi mi scusa per la mia lingua), uno studente all'universita`, e mi piace molto andare in bici. Scrivimi se l'idea ti interessa - mi piacerebbe la compagnia!

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Nice plan! Let me know if you need a place to stay in Bologna while are you passing through.

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Hi! I’m a student from Canada biking from Netherlands to Florence, starting around June 5. Do you know when you might be in Milano? 


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Milan to rome


myself and two others will be cycling Milan to Rome via Florence. 

We set off on the 24th June and have a few long days till Bologna as it’s flat along the eurovelo 8. Then following eurovelo 7 to Florence and Rome. We’re having a day off in Florence 28th June as one of our group leaves and another joins, then a sedate pace (80k/day) to finish in Rome by the 2nd July. 

If this matches up with any of your plans you’d be welcome to join us. 

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