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Cycling in Tasmania in Decem,ber/January 2018/19

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Cycling in Tasmania in Decem,ber/January 2018/19

Dear fellow cyclists


I am currently planning a bicycle ride in Tasmania, Australia in December 2018 through January 2019.

My first question would be if there is anyone out there who has done any cycling in Tassi and also if somebody might be able to recommend a bike shop in Hobart, where I will be arriving to buy (and perhaps then sell again) a bike including panniers. Since I am on a trip around the world and cycling is only part of the various activities, I am not carrying my own bike plus gear with me, so I will need to find something rideable (does not have to be brand new) which I can then sell again after the trip. I will have about 8 weeks in Tasmania altogether, so I am not really in a hurry to buy/sell and race around the island.

Any ideas and suggestions would be welcome.



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Hello Rainer,

Hello Rainer,

A Hobart resident here.

Any of the bike shops here are pretty good I reckon. Full list here: .

May also be feasible to look here: . You could place a "wanted ad" too (no cost). Last year I was able to help a young french guy who placed a wanted ad with an older mountain bike/panniers/camping gear. We did that as a buy back arrangement.

I may possibly be able to help you too, depending on your exact dates, how my project bikes in the garage are going and what sort of bike you're after.

Cheers, :-) Don

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cycling in Tasmania

Gday Don
Cheers mate, l think I might like to take you up on your offer. I reckon it might be good to communicate via WhatsApp if you are using that. The number is +4917681584831 or
alternatively via email: [email protected]

I will check the linked bike stores as well.
Thanks for your ideas, I really like the community spirit on here.


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