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2019 Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland

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2019 Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland

As a 75 year old cyclist from Iowa, USA, I am planning a bicycle tour from Maine to Newfoundland and return during 2019, my eighth such long distance tour since retirement.  When pedaling across my homeland there are plenty Warmshowers hosts willing to be an oasis for a road-weary rider to enjoy a shower and possibly a lumpy couch, or a safe patch of grass upon which one can pitch a tent after a long day.  Hosts are also my source for local routes, connections and things to see.

Next summer's ride routes through the eastern Canadian Provinces which possess very few Warmshowers members and it feels as if I will be out there all alone.  Due to my age, this will be a one shot deal to the far north and I don't want to miss any points of interest.  Any local area contact and information is welcome and I thank you in advance.  

Not understood by many, the most important function of Hosting is social.   A bicycle tour is not just about beautiful sunsets and wonderful vistas.  I  have experienced many awe inspiring sights but learned right away that the major enjoyments of my rides were the like-minded people and hosts met along the way. Residents are the cultural reflection of an area and making new acquaintances and friendships is such an enriching experience, so much better than camping in a park and/or meeting no one while there. That is just passing through.  We grow through interaction, not isolation.

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Oh do go kayaking at Hopewell

Oh do go kayaking at Hopewell Rocks in NB, and if you go by Truro, NS go Tidal Bore Rafting, definatly two highlights of my cross Canada tour in 2018. I wild camped mostly in town parks and sports fields  along the way, and with that being said many people scooped me from the parks to stay in their homes. . I did not ride the long way around NFLD as was told it’s wild and barren, long roads, with only trees to see unless you plan on riding out and back to the road. There really is only the Trans Canada that way and lots of big trucks on it. But with saying that Gros Morin NP would be amazing to see. 

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Thanks, Susan.  Is that Hopewell Rocks Park?  I will be passing through there so I will do the kayaking.  Truro is off the route but Gros Morin NP is already on the list.  Anticipating lots of tenting.


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Yes, Hopewell Rocks Park. I

Yes, Hopewell Rocks Park. I tented overnight behind the “Home Fries/Curio Shop”, past the big motel (who were not friendly at all) on the left side of the road. I asked and the fry place was very happy to allow me. I got up early the next morning and biked to The Hopewell Rocks Park to walk amongst the rocks at low tide, then kayaked at 11:30 time slot as the tides came in. It was amazing. Baymount Outdoor Adventures. I think it was $70 and well worth it.  At Baddock NS, I took a van tour around Cabot Trail, the views are incredible and I know I could never have biked it with my loaded bike, but if you can, do bike it. It would be incredible to bike but the elevation climbs are HUGE!!!!! At North Sydney be sure to eat at The Black Spoon, close to the ferry terminal, the food was delicious and so reasonably priced.  In North Sydney, I tented at Indian Park, it’s close to the ferry, just ask a local where, and you can pick sea glass in the morning from the beach there. One other thing I wished I’d done on St Johns NFLD was take a boat out to Cape Spear and see it from the water. And it as well was amazing to bike to but tough hills with my loaded bike. I pushed lots.  

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And I know it is out of your

And I know it is out of your way but Tidal Bore Rafting was one of the most extreme fun things I have ever done. I rode back from NFLD to catch the train home from Truro just to go Tidal Bore Rafting. Honestly so worth the extra 2 weeks riding back, I should have detoured there on my way east. Watching the Tidal Bore was incredible and then rafting it the next day was unbelievable. It’s what I talk about most probably of my tour as the best activity. 

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