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best Chicago to Rhode Island route?

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best Chicago to Rhode Island route?

Planning a trip from Chicago to New England and trying to decide the best route to take. I was looking into the Chicago to NYC Adventure Cycling map but also considering going through Canada or hugging the south end of lake Erie, both via Google Maps. Has anyone done any of these routes? Thanks! 

Edit: This is my first bike tour. I ride 40 mi a day in the city on my trek roadbike and just did the Chi triathalon so I'm in decent shape. 

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Need more info

Hello Sophie,

You do not say when you are going.  If you can finish before October 1st, I would suggest either route.  Both will be hilly but the new ACA Chicago-NYC may be slightly hillier.  If you plan on arriving after October 1st definitely take the new route.  You could also go to Buffalo, NY then take the Erie Canal over toward Albany then jump over to the updated Atlantic Coast route into NYC.  Hope you have a good trip.

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You have not given us any

You have not given us any information of your expectations or experience level. I live on bicycle and have traverse many established routes with plenty of deviations. I would suggest leaving Chicago on the historic Lincoln Highway through Ohio into PA. In PA, take the signed state bicycle route Y to signed route G North into NY. In NY hop on to signed state route 17. Cross over the Hudson and hop onto the Eastcoast Greenway or just take ferry for the last leg out of the city. There is another way would suggest, but it is not one for the inexperienced or small tire bike.

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Chi to RI

Hi Sophie.  I rode Chi to upstate NY earlier this summer.  I would suggest Chi to Detroit, along Lake Erie to Niagara Falls then get on the Erie Canal trail to Albany.  The entire way across Michigan and Ontario is not hilly at all.  The Erie Canal Trail is very flat and you can camp anywhere you want along the trail.  That will get you to Albany and you are practically there.  Have a great trip!

PS Detroit's public trans has a bus that will take you & your bike over the border for $5



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