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Warm Showers host all across the US are the best

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Warm Showers host all across the US are the best

This may seem a bit too late but I am reminiscing about my ride across the US again. In the Spring of ‘06 I started my ride in Boston, MA with a stay at John Dill's home. He gave me the house key and said, "I'm staying at my girlfriends house. You can use the computer if you need to and my tools are in the box in my bedroom". I didn't see John again until I was ready to leave town 3 days later.
From Boston I went to Providence, RI and stayed with Enrique Lomnitz, a student. He and his friends were great hosts as well. I spent two nights with him and his roommates.
In New York City, Queens to be exact, I met Esneider Arevalo and his girlfriend Annie. We talked into the late hours until he said, "I have to wake up at 4:00am and I need to get some sleep." They gave me great directions to get me through the city and onward to Philadelphia, PA.
Chris Bujak and wife let me stay with them in their cozy century-old Philadelphia home. Chris rode with me the next day to my meeting and then guided me out of town. They were so gracious; we watched movies together on their home theater.
In Pittsburgh Tim Kelly and his family allowed me to bunk down in their daughter’s room. It was so cute to walk up with Hello Kitty sheets and décor. I felt a bit silly but I feel it takes a strong person to be able to laugh at your self. Tim rode out of town in the rain with me so I wouldn’t get lost. He was a real trooper to endure the cold and rain.
Andrew Miller and his expecting wife allowed me to sleep upstairs in the loft/office where I was surrounded by an extensive library. They provided me with a wonderful meal from their garden and Andrew showed me where to shop in Columbus, OH.
Upon arriving in Cincinnati, Ohio I met Angela Stanbery and her boyfriend Luke. They showed me the best time when Luke took me to a friend’s swimming pool and a great hike in the woods nearby. It was incredibly hot until we went swimming and walked through the shade of the forest.
Mark and Kathy Finch put me up in their garage for the night. It was a lot cooler than the house and I was probably more comfortable than they were in the house. Mark took me on a tour of the city to show me more of the bicycling facilities that Indianapolis, IA has to offer.
I spent a couple of nights in the company of Kathy Schubert in Chicago, IL. She has hosted many of the Warm Showers members and is a wealth of knowledge about Chicago and many other places.
Peter Heimdahl and his loving companion had an extra room for me in Des Moines, IA. He even let an unexpected friend of mine stay for a night. Peter took us out to dinner and refused to let us pay our share.
In Salt Lake City, Dagan Wright had a small town house filled with bikes that he shared with his dog. They made room for two more and even took us to a neighbor’s house for a party on the Fourth of July.
Gaela Mitchell was my final Warm Showers host in Sacramento, CA. She like John Dill gave us the house key and said, “Eat whatever you can find and use the computer if you like. I’m going to stay at my boyfriend’s house tonight”.
To all the wonderful people that opened their homes up to my friends; and me I want to say a hardy thank you and I hope I can return the favor someday. Thanks to Warm Showers for being there when I needed you most. I hope we can keep this wonderful organization going for many, many years to come.

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Sounds like you had a good ride; did you write up a tour journal?

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