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My First Big Tour (Denmark, Germany & The Netherlands)

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My First Big Tour (Denmark, Germany & The Netherlands)

Hi everyone

I've been lurking around this site for some time after being inspired to undertake my first cycle tour after reading about Andrew Sykes' adventure to Brindisi in her book (Cycling Across Europe on a Bike Called Reggie). So after discussing with my wife it has been agreed that I will look to do this next (2014) summer. We have 4 children so the selfishness of this jaunt isn't lost on me but she understands it's something I really want to do.

I was initially looking at France, then The Netherlands down through France, but I have now looked at Denmark as a starting point. Of course from my home near Wakefield in West Yorkshire (UK) I will have to cycle to Harwich first to get on the overnight ferry to Esbjerg. My rough (very rough at the moment) idea of a route is:

Home > Harwich (2 days)
Overnight Ferry to Esbjerg
Esbjerg > Odense/Nyborg (area) (1 day)
Nyborg > Copenhagen (1 day)
Copenhagen > Rodby (1 day)
Rodby > Hamburg (1 day)
Then somehow Hanburg to Rotterdam (taking in Amsterdam) befor a ferry back to Hull and then home. (? days)

I'm aiming to make this trip in 9-10 days. I know that I will need to put in for some long days and miles in the saddle but that is the challenge I am looking for. Sightseeing will have to be done at a pace!

Can anyone help out a newbie and advise on possible routes. What roads I am allowed to cycle on is a question that I keep asking myself!

Many thanks


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Danish cyclist association

You can get maps of Denmark her:
There's an excellent online shop where you'll find maps & ccling maps (some maps on the danish cyclist association's site are sold out

we're going through DK NO and SE this year:

We might be able to sell/send you some maps when we come back in august. Follow us here


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Maybe this sites helps you planning your trip (for the Dutch part)


Good luck!


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Your first big tour

Denmark has great biking roads and guidebooks - if you look at the website - - you can order all the material you need from Dansk CyklistForbund. For the route you plan through Denmark you need three cycling guides - South Jutland; Fyn and South seeland. For your tour through Germany I suggest that you get Radtourenkarten from ADFC - you will need nr 2, 6 and 5 to the Dutch border.
Good luck! / Anders

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Online routeplanner Denmark

Hi David

Theres an online route planner for Denmark including the official bikeroutes.
I'm not really familiar with it, but heres the info from Esbjerg to Copenhagen:
(Well, that gets you to Nyborg at least. Theres one from Korsør to Copenhagen,
but its not keen on showing it to me. You can play around with it yourself.
Seems to be a good tool if somewhat rough around the edges still.)
Theres also an app, but I'm a complete noob with cellphones. :-)

Also a map here with routes shown. You want Rute 6 to Copenhagen.
(Alas only in Danish. Unclick "Vælg alle" in the left menu and choose "rute 6")
Should be possible to download it as gpx-file for a gps.

I live on Zealand, so I can punch up a route for you to Rødby if you wish.
(I made it from Køge. Theres a bikeroute from Cph to Køge. "Rute 9" in previous link.)
This will be the most direct and flat. If you take the official route you will get
more detours, hills and small roads. But it is prettier.
From Google Maps:,11.431266+to:R%C3%B8dby+F%C3%A6rge,+R%C3%B8dby&hl=da&ie=UTF8&ll=55.056349,11.766357&spn=0.967487,2.861938&sll=55.062641,11.769104&sspn=0.967335,2.861938&geocode=FfY2TgMdpeK5ACnHybRW4_BSRjEUQi5IUp0eRw%3BFekQQwMdYm2uACnj3tgMIEWtRzFNEGo_1UnAAQ%3BFYcAQgMdrEitACnTAqmL0FytRzGq1-WRfgFCRA&oq=R%C3%B8dby&dirflg=b&mra=ls&via=1&t=m&z=9&lci=bike

In Google Maps you can also click on the bike symbol left and it will show you which roads have bikepaths.

Hope this helps. If not ask away and I shall try to clarify.


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German websites
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