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Buying bikes in Frankfort, Germany

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Buying bikes in Frankfort, Germany

Hi !


We will be travelling as a family (6 of us) from Francfort to Switzerland in July. Since we are coming straight from China and have no bikes so far, we will need to buy some at a good Quality/price value. Does anyone knoe where in Francfort we can do that ? That would be amazingly helpful !


Cécile Moser


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Bike Shops in Frankfurt/Main in Germany
Hello to China!

Since nobody has answered so far, I give it a try with sending you a list of bike shops in Frankfurt am Main, might be too late, though. For a brand new touring bike with panniers like Stevens count on like 800 Euros, Fahrrad Boettgen, address: Querstr. 8 - 10 in: 60322 Frankfurt/M.; Telefon: 069 1302 4767, homepage: (link is external) (like 3 shops all over the town). A Surely would be around 1.500 Euros (no dealer in Frankfurt, though). Keep in mind, some but not all shops sell used or pre-loved bikes also, needs a lot of research.

And here you find the extended list of bike dealers in Frankfurt: (link is external)

60311 Frankfurt – Fahrrad Thöt (link is external)
60311 Frankfurt – Fixiestube Frankfurt am Main (link is external)
60314 Frankfurt – Montimare Fahrradshop (link is external)
60314 Frankfurt – B.O.C. Frankfurt am Main (link is external)
60314 Frankfurt – Montimare Fahrradshop (link is external)
60316 Frankfurt – Fahrradhändler Mainbike (link is external)
60318 Frankfurt – Bike Garage Horst Richter (link is external)
60322 Frankfurt – Radfix Frankfurt (link is external)
60322 Frankfurt – Fahrradshop Stilrad Store (link is external)
60322 Frankfurt – Fahrradwerkstatt Reha-Werkstätten (link is external)
60326 Frankfurt – Fahrradgeschäft Zweirad Ganzert (link is external)
60327 Frankfurt – Hex Hex Fahrradladen (link is external)
60329 Frankfurt – Bike Boutique Frankfurt (link is external)
60329 Frankfurt – Bikers Cave (link is external)
60332 Frankfurt – Fahrradwerkstatt Eschenheimer Tor (link is external)
60385 Frankfurt – Fahrrad Böttgen GmbH (link is external) in Bornheim
60385 Frankfurt – Fahrradwerkstatt Wohnzimmer Werkstatt (link is external)
60388 Frankfurt – Zweirad Stadler (link is external)
60389 Frankfurt – Fahrradladen Radschlag (link is external)
60389 Frankfurt – Bike-X-Dream (link is external)
60431 Frankfurt – Gnewikow und Fülberth Radsport (link is external)
60431 Frankfurt – Fahrradhaus Wagner (link is external)
60431 Frankfurt – Fahrradwerkstatt Fahrrad Station (link is external)
60435 Frankfurt – Fahrradshop Velosoph (link is external)
60437 Frankfurt – MainVelo (link is external)
60439 Frankfurt – Velo Doctor Frankfurt am Main (link is external)
60486 Frankfurt – Fahrradhändler Per Pedale (link is external) in Bockenheim
60486 Frankfurt – Mechanisches Atellier (link is external)
60487 Frankfurt – Zweirad Sondergeld (link is external)
60488 Frankfurt – Bikeshop Radsport Hess (link is external)
60489 Frankfurt – Fahrrad Storck (link is external)
60529 Frankfurt – Graf Frieda Radsport (link is external)
60594 Frankfurt – Feine Velos (link is external)
60594 Frankfurt – Fahrradwerkstatt Süd Frankfurt am Main (link is external)
60594 Frankfurt – Pietro Wetzel Radsport (link is external)
60594 Frankfurt – Fahrradwerkstatt Velopraxis (link is external)

Stadler is by far the biggest German bike company, however, selling a lot of lower quality. But if you are a pro they can't fool you, you'll manage, because they seem to have just anything in store.

I myself would go to a smaller shop in my neighbourhood, which reminds me that you might be looking for a shop near your hotel or wherever you stay anyway. Compare the zip codes above with the zip code of your accomodation and you'll have a starting point.

Good luck and lots of fun.


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