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Calling San Fransiscans

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Calling San Fransiscans

Hi guys, We are currently just over half way though a silver gap year cycling our tandem and having fantastic travels through New Zealand and South America and we are currently hot and humid in Cuba. 

Our next stop is San Fransisco on 14 June prior to cycling up the West Coast to Canada. It’s an important one for us, not just because it’s an exciting place to see, but we got robbed in Peru and need to replace some equipment. We are weathering the tropical rain here using bin liners with fashionably reinforced seams using electricians tape. 

I have requested a Warmshowers stay from lots of San Fransiscans, but have only had two replies which were both ‘Sorry, unable to helps’. Perhaps some emails got lost in the system as I’m sure someone out there can help us with a couple of nights and advice on the nearest bike shop for our broken spokes?

Here’s hoping you can email me and help is get back on track and we can share some tales and a bottle of Californian wine.

cheers all,


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