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touring bike rental in Germany

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touring bike rental in Germany

I couldn't find another post about this. Please direct me to any prior results on the topic.

A friend and I would like to rent touring bikes for a two week tour in Germany in September. We are planning on starting and returning to Munich but we can happily go to other places to rent the bikes.

We are both experienced tourers but, because we also traveling for business, we can't bring bikes with us from the USA.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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hi guys, nice to hear about

hi guys,

nice to hear about your plans to cycle in Germany. I found one bike rental in Munich, but i think, there are some more.
Have a look on their homepage:
We are living in Hamburg and cycled round lake Ontario two years ago. And we met many helpful people in Canada and the States. But we took our bikes with us.

If you need any help, please let me know.


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simple has renting two touring bicycles costs a lot ship your by UPS and after riding ship back
or there is a germany touring company that supplies bikes with thier tours Low cost and they offer move you luggage each day or just give you maps and a bike

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