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Preparing for North American West Coast Tour.

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Preparing for North American West Coast Tour.

6/04/18 .

Hi Everyone, I’ve kept pretty quiet here on WS so time to put team wiljen out there & let you know a little bit about us.

Jenny & I have hosted quite a few WS members in the past. We have stayed a couple of times with fellow WS members, once in Switzerland & the other time on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

Currently we are in the mid-stages of preparing for our next multi-month Cycle Tour. We fly into Calgary in July 2018, then make our way west until we hit the Pacific where we turn left, heading south along the Pacific West Coast. Must say we are both quite excited !

We love cycling, but sadly have let our current physical ability slide a bit to the heavy side. Still nothing a multi-month, 5000km (3000 mile ?) ride won’t fix.

This North American (NA) Cycle Tour is fully self organised & funded by us but we are hoping to utilise the assistance of fellow WS members for the odd free bed here & there, as we meander along. Not to mention enjoy their good company. Can't say I’ve met a bad Touring Cyclist.

We are both still on the good side of 50 & haven’t done much paid work in the past 3 & half years, just trying to enjoy life a little since our 3 (now adults) children left home. We love travelling but aren’t to keen on the flying part (oh no not economy again !)...

Some of our longer tours since giving up work in late 2014 are:

2017: 5 months Motorbike Tour around Australia & the North Island of New Zealand (hey you’re allowed to have other interests, motorbikes is one of ours). Didn’t loose weight, but didn’t gain any :)

2016: 2 months Motorbike Tour across India. New Delhi to Goa.

2015, the second half: 4 month Bicycle Tour across Australia from Perth to Adelaide then onto Kangaroo Island...3600kms

2015, the first half of the year: more epic Cycle Touring, 3800kms over 4.5 months from Alicante (Spain) to London.

2014: 19 days & 500kms along Western Australia’s premier Mountain Bike Trail, the Munda Biddi. Now that sorted us out.

That’s it for now fellow WS riders & members, hopefully we can meet some of you during our NA journey. If you are curious about some of our past exploits here is the link to our regularly updated Blog.

Thanks for reading & all the best as you travel along your own life journeys...

Will & Jenny


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