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Hooking you up.

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Hooking you up.

Warmshowers guys:  If you are like me; a bit over forty, an outside person and use readers, I just found some really inexpensive (dirt cheap) quality bifocal sunglasses for my 2018 bicycle tour that really work. When in California my outrigger canoe buddy, Mike, takes me to coves up and down the coast. It's so different than cycling and the upper body stuff is fun. Recently he clued me in and showed me these glasses were perfect for reading the GPS screen while paddling. Now I will be able to read maps and the bike handlebar's digital gadgets on the fly without the annoyance of changing glasses. The funny thing was I wore them driving yesterday and it was the first time in years that the dials were sharp and clear while wearing sunglasses. I was startled and yelled out, "WHOA, BABY".

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