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Leavin car in San diego

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Leavin car in San diego

Hey all! A friend and I are fated to tour through Baja this winter but we have one issue... where to leave his car! 

We are looking to leave from San Diego in mid January and return around March 1.... so essentially we are looking for a month and a half storage in San Diego. 

If Anyone has any suggestions for us, we would be eternally grateful!!




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If you can't get a local San

If you can't get a local San Diego WS host to accept your car for that long, consider the following:  1) Expand your "willing to leave" radius.  For instance, while LA is a 2-day ride away, a train ride (with bikes NOT boxed) is easy and relatively inexpensive. 2) Hit up a hotel, car dealer, local church you have an affilition with, i.e. you are a Baptist so hit up a local Baptist church, movie theater, University, etc. to see if they would be willing to accept you bike. Obviously, some places may want money. 3) Rent an outdoor parking space at a storage rental location. 4) Consider renting a car 1-day (or two one-ways as needed). 

One and a half months is a pretty long time to leave a car somewhere so plan on having it jump started when you return.

Hope you have a good ride, John

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leaving car

Hi Ben,

try Merle Borg on WS, he loves hosting /helping out.

cheers Anna


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