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Thank you France!

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Thank you France!

I have just completed my first ever cycle tour, in total 2020km around France, and I want to express my deep and heartfelt gratitutde to all the wonderful people who hosted me, and also to all those who couldn't host me but replied anyway, some even included helpful suggestions about alternative accomodation on the area. As I was travelling off season, campsites were not always easy to find as most had closed for the season, and as a woman travelling alone, I felt a little insecure to wild camp. 

I was lucky enough to have 10 hosts during this tour, mostly couples, all of whom seem wonderful people. They welcomed me with smiles and happiness, made me feel completely secure and comfortable and were incredibly generous with both their time and hospitality.

I would particularly like to thank my first hosts: a young family in Amiens. They were my first ever warmshowers experience and it was so positive and beautiful despite my rusty French and inexperience with cycling. They were kind and patient and made me realise that this community is completely amazing. 

Now I have finished this cycle tour, I have learnt a lot about cycling, France and french culture (mainly through my lovely hosts) and I am looking forward to hosting cyclists and spreading the same generosity and open spirit that was shown me this autumn.

In conclusion: thank you so much France! xxx

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Yay France!

I too had a great experience staying in France with hosts Geneviève and Yvon:

I found the people in northern France and southern Belgium (Wallonia) to be kind and welcoming! I appreciated learning about the culture of this area. I will be taking with me the conversations we had together.

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