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Guests with Zero feedback ..?

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Guests with Zero feedback ..?

My last Guests have been members for more than 3 years. They told me, they had stayed with many WSL hosts.

However, they have ZERO feedback, and have not provided any to Hosts, either.

I will give them feedback soon, saying 1) what I liked, and 2) how they could improve their WSL "impact" :))

Anyway, is it strange to have ZERO FB after three years - most of that "on the road"...?

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Positive feedback is an ego booster for everyone as well as being informative. No feedback may indicated a negative experience(rare)or more likely just bad manners. I leave feedback for all my hosts, but it's often not reciprocated. Maybe I'm a bad guest. Or maybe host to guest feedback is just less common. Stats on that would be interesting.

Stangely, a year after I overnighted with a host in Minnisota, positive feedback showed up.

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I find it very strange to

I find it very strange to have **ZERO** FB after three years. I would expect at least *something *one way or the other. I have had TWO recent cases like this, and I will seriously have to revise my threshold criteria, which I have resisted so far. At the moment, I consider myself " inclusive", but I am going to reconsider that attitude, after dealing with people just one step above "hobo".

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Failing feedback

I have been an on/off part of this nice community some six years and have no respond to show off.
On Couchsurfing it seems to be quite important to give and receive response. I have had biking visitors two times and, personally find, i did my best to host these travellers decently.
None of them gave any response on this site. A single Dutch traveller send me postcard later on. -He also had a good and free meal with cold beer, so that was nice ;)
A couple from France stayed several days, with split household, and was never heard of... On their home page you can follow the whole travel, except from their several days stay at my place ... :-( ???
There are angels and saints ...


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Lars, have you given FB to

Lars, have you given FB to the Guests ? ( I don't see it on your page...)

if you do give FB, they will receive a notification, and they might respond !

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As I wrote earlier i don't

As I wrote earlier i don't really care about my guests "reputation" before accepting them in my home. I never even looked at their profiles.
They send me an SMS/Email telling of their situation/plans and I agreed in helping/hosting. Today I don't even remember the names of my visitors.. :-)
I accepted visitors, had some "trouble" managing the whole. All in all we had a nice time together (my impression..)
I learned that French people actually are able to speak decent English & don't eat frog legs for breakfast. That even a Dutch Bankier can travel "easy go" and do prefer his free meal served with cold beer... :-)
I met some nice and friendly people being on the road.
The Couchsurfing contact with a heavy built "binge drinking" type from UK was another league.. LOL. -He had a day when asking for a drive on bike around the city... :-)
But we are all different and to have that fact reminded, every now and then in manageable portions (!) is important to me.

My reaction on this topic was the opening question, assuming even long time members came over as suspicious while no history/reputation available on this site.
There is a simple answer to that: No one really cared of this response possibility.
That I, as a simple person, felt "let down" because of that, is something I can live with.

- Are my future potential host of the same point of view ??

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feedback ....

I guess the FB system is just too much for some people....

My suggestion would be : Tabs on a members page, for " My Guests" and " My Hosts" [ as well as, " My Posts" to WS..!! ] .... the Member's comments would then appear both on their page and on the Guest's/Host's page quite easily.

FWIW : I gave neutral to a Guest recently, she eventually replied with her own neutral after some time. ( She wasn't neutral about eating our meals, or using our rainwater to shower,tho).

Now, for some reason, I get a WS message telling me how her trip is going ! I don't get it ....

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IMHO the best feedback is given directly to the host on the spot. Also being an active member of Couchsurfing (host & guest) I am aware that both communities are rather different and I appreciate this.

Potential WS host always reply fast and most of the times are aware of the situation one is in when touring.

Also, I found WS community members rather trustworthy without having to have "safety features" on the website and due to the size (and nature) of the community, security issues fortunately (still) are at a minimum (acc to my perception).

Maybe also because I tend to contact ws host in more rural areas, but who knows... ??

Bottom line is: Feedback is not that important for me, more important is the experience with the guest/host.

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I suppose we're working this

I suppose we're working this feedback thing on two levels. One, as you say Sascha, is direct, face-to-face feedback between a host and a guest; I have a "log book" that I ask guests to sign with a minimum of name and date though they usually leave more than that requested minimum.

The other is feedback for the Warmshowers community to access IF THEY CHOOSE. There have been a number of occasions when that feedback helped hosts and guests avoid a situation they would otherwise have been unaware of.

For me, it's not about getting ego-stroked by good reviews. It's about providing information to the community. Since we're a community of many different individuals it's important, in my opinion, to provide what we may to aid all members in enjoying their travels.

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I see it like you: feedback

I see it like you: feedback is for potential hosts in the time to come to decide if that person is suitable or not. That said, I had hosted people with no fb at all, and since I always give one, help them improve their chances of finding new hosts.

Other guests ended up writing a fb on Couchsurfing, even though they had contacted me first on WS...

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