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Antwort rating

Hi there is something that runs wrong

I just found that I only have an answer rating of 82% and that makes me very unhappy.

We make every effort to answer every question within a maximum of 10 hours, only it is so, the direct answers about the Gmail function are not evaluated, but remain open as unanswered.

As a rule, the requests from members who have obviously not read our profile and which I have to cancel via gmail.

At some point we will be wrong at 50%, even though we answer every question.

Best regards to the community

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One solution might be : look in your Messages for " unanswered requests" .. then simply Answer them ( the minimum is a single "." )

I know how annoying it is to have a [ false] "low Response Rate" when in fact you are very conscientious ..! I have "suffered" that phenomenon myself ...

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Heja Bicycle Fish, it works,

Heja Bicycle Fish, it works, 100% again,
thank you very much,
best wishers from Luebeck to the other side of the world,
may we meet together sometime,


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