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Ferry, UK-->Esberg

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Ferry, UK-->Esberg

I'm thinking to take the ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg ~19th Sep so as to reach the Husum Wind Energy fair before going farther east:

seems like a cabin must be paid for, which can be shared - would anyone be interested in doing so?

Also of course, if anyone wishes to join, or host, from there till Ukraine?,
please be in touch.
My profile has a fair amount of information for now..

Thanks, Deep.

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hi I got caught out with this ferry cabin malarky last year. They would not take a single passenger! Am thinking maybe the UK's CTC forum might be more productive for you to find another cyclist wanting to cross?

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ferry booking..

Thanks Cindy.
That's worse than I thought:
it seems from booking online that a whole cabin must be paid for - are u saying that they actually will not accept a lone person?!


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they said they would not take

they said they would not take a booking from a single person so if I wanted a double cabin (which is all they have) I would have to find my own other single traveller. Of course you can pay for two! They will take singles in winter apparently but not in the hieght of the high season. I kicked up a fuss saying I was happy to cabin with ANY other single traveller but they wouldnt allow it. So pay double or take a friend :)
Personally I think it stinks. See how you get on...

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