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Bike touring in Córdoba, Argentina

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Bike touring in Córdoba, Argentina
Hi everybody. I'm Eustaquio, 59 years old and bike lover. I have a bike shop and ride as much and oft as I can. My language is Spanish and therefore I ask for understanding for my English, which lacks vocabulary and correct grammar. Hope you understand me just the same. My town is Río Ceballos, some 30 km NNW from Córdoba city, our capital and main city of the state Córdoba. We have about 20,000 neighbours. The near hills, which we cross almost every Sunday, are called "Sierras Chicas" (Little Hills) for we have some 30 km W another mountain chane called "Sierras Grandes" (Big Hills or Mountains.) Their highest peaks are about 1,800 and 2,800 m (about 5,500 and 8,500 feet.) Our Sierras Grandes highland is the second in America after the Peru-Bolivian Puna, with an average height of about 2,200 m (6,600 feet.)Both are ideal for MTB touring: plenty of creeks of fresh water, mild climate and few cars. The best time is now: March-April, for it doesn't rain anymore but the nature is still green because of the summer rains. It's not cold yet (12 - 28º C)and inns are not expensive: you can spend a night in a clean bed and get a shower for about u$s 5,=. Of course, in Río Ceballos you may stay at mine's free. I have room for 2 bikers. I'll be glad to answer questions about my region. I've a lot experience in MTB and have explored most of the hillroads on it. My e-post is [email protected]
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We are Robin Verner and Amy Verner (married couple, age 66). We have a bicycle shop in Vermont USA. (North where there is snow). We plan to visit Argentina in February. We would like to have a one week tour on bicycles.(would need to rent bicycles). What do you suggest?
Thanks you, Robin

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Cycling in Argentina

Hi Robin, I see no difficulty in bike-renting in Argentina. Every bike-shop in big villages other cities has bikes for hire. In proper time I can post you some suggestions about where to ride, distances, and other details. Eustaquio.

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Hola Me llamo james, soy Sud

Me llamo james, soy Sud Africano y estoy en Córdoba ahora con me bici.

I think your English is much better than my spanish so I hope you don't mind if I continue in English.

I have been riding around Argentina and Chile for the past 5 weeks and today I arrived by bus from Posadas. I have been trying to escape the rain but it seems to have followed me here !

I would love to hear any suggestions you may have for riding in this area at the moment. I have another 3 weeks before I must leave (from BA). I know my timing is bad but I believe the weather will improve. It would also be nice to meet you if you have time .

I hope to hear from you.

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