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Cycling from southern Turkey to Georgia

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Cycling from southern Turkey to Georgia


Soon I will be cycling from Tasucu, Turkey heading for Georgia on my round the world tour. I'm looking for advice about routes across the Pontic Mountains as I currently intend to enter Georgia at Batumi.

To my mind a route along the interior of Turkey heading east from Ankara towards Erzurum is likely to be more varied and interesting but how feasible is it to cross from Erzurum to the Black Sea coast at Hopa via Artvin for example? Looking at my maps and terrain models online it looks like there is a river route through here but it's hard to get details. I have a heavy load of around 50kg so information about how much of a climb this would involve would be invaluable.

The alternative seems to be to head north from Ankara and get onto the Black Sea coast before the mountains rise too high and follow it all the way to Georgia, but I'm wondering if this route would be lacking in variety of experience or subject to worse weather during the winter.

All advice and alternatives would be great to hear.

Happy cycling


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Hello ım Oğuzhan. ım not speak engılısh. my home ankara you come my home. Erzurum winder Very cold good luck. Do you know gürkan genç.

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winter in Turkey

Merhaba Dylan, living in Istanbul-Turkey I must say that Erzurum area will be cold, snowy, windy, frosty etc. It is not a good idea to pass that area this season. Taking the Black Sea coast road is less hilly and less snowy. Of cause the area Erzurum would be more interesting but not in this season., besides you have to climb high. I guess inside Georgia will be snowy too. Even from Tasucu to the Black Sea coast you need to pass central Anatolia where you will be crossing hard winter time. Here is the link to road maps,
Enjoy Turkey and feel free to call if need help +90 (0)532 4212210-mustafa

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The road at the Black Sea should be the best option. Unfortunately you`ve to cross some passes in Georgia and Azerbaijan. In winter it`s not really funny.

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Hi Dylan - you might've

Hi Dylan - you might've already started on your adventure. I cycled through Central Anatolia this time last year and the weather was amazing. Black Sea can be really rainy in winter. If it were me, I might stick to Central Turkey for as long as possible.

Also just came back from Kars (not by bike). Erzurum is snowy but the roads are dry. Hope you've got a good sleeping bag. Happy cycling!

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the roads can be heavy snowy in Anatolya. BTW: Erzurum is the highest part of Turkey. So it will be damned cold. - 20 or colder are possible.

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