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South Thailand: ferries to Singapore

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South Thailand: ferries to Singapore


I'll be cycling Thai in Jan and I've added an extra destination: arriving on the 5th, I'll need to be in Singapore by the 26th - got a flight to Melbourne the 27th and I'll spend 2 weeks in AUS - some more cycling there too but mainly for a 10 days working retreat

since Bangkok - Singapore is around 1400km, it would be too much for a 3 weeks cycling trip as I def want to chill and take it easy (around 60-70kms per day) and eventually spend some days wherever I like ...

the basic idea is still to land in BKK and cycle south on the east coast of Thai and eventually find a spot close to Malaysia with ferries to Singapore
I know that I can get there easily with a flight but I love ferries lol

so, while I keep searching on the net-forums etc... I was wondering you have any suggestion or idea


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Pengerang ferry to Singapore

There are two ways getting to Singapore from Malaysia
First is the more popular route, riding along the west coast of Malaysia. Being on Kuala Lumpur, Capital's side. Traffic is definitely a lot busier.
You will cross the causeway bridge from Johor to singapore

Second, is to ride along the east coast, quieter roads and more beaches along the way. U ride to the end, Malaysia at Pengerang. From there, it is 45 mins ferry to Eastern end of Singapore. Ferries only leave when filled to capacity of 12 passengers and last ferry ends at 4 pm.

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Hi, I took the ferry from The

Hi, I took the ferry from The eastern end of Singapore to Malaysia, and it couldn't have been easier or less stressful.Definitely the easiest way to get between Malaysia and Singapore.

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Thanks Adrian! (longboard

Thanks Adrian! (longboard travelling sounds wow lol)

thing is that, as much as I'd love to, I won't have enough time to cycle along Malaysia .. so I'm looking for a ferry service somewhere around south Thai to Singapore :)

if there's any btw eheh

otherwise I'll just fly (got a brompton bike so it's easy)

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there is no ferry to

there is no ferry to singapore from south thailand.. Either 1 day Bus ride from Hatyai or fly

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S Thailand to SIN

Don't forget the train option..............

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thanks Rich!

thanks Rich!

train sounds interesting too! (actually even better so I don't have to fully pack my bike for a flight)

I checked the site but I couldn't really understand where I could hop on along the way (and consequently how long it'll take) ... while I keep searching, do you already know about some train stations somewhere in the south of Thai you might suggest where I can hop on on one of these trains to get to Singapore?

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Train to Singapore

Ciao Alessandro - looks like you could join the train at Surat Thani, Hat Yai or Padang Besar in N Malaysia. Guess you could take a local train to one of these main stations if necessary. Timetable is link on the first page "Train times Bangkok - Penang - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore". Enjoy the train, we shall be doing a ride in Myanmar & Chiang Mai - Bangkok in Dec / Jan. Let us know how you get on. Richard / Skinny2

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