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World Tour on Longboard

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World Tour on Longboard

Hi, Warmshowers

I am Adrian from Singapore. I will be embarking on my world tour, not on a bicycle but on a longboard.
I have done touring on my longboard, unsupported, with camping, hostels on many trips already.
2013 - Middle east (Jordan- Israel - Egypt)
2014 - Iceland 500 km, Korea ^(seoul - Busan) and Cuba (Santiago to Santa Clara), 750 km
2015 - Japan (Osaka to Fukuoka)
2016 - Portgual to Spain - Camino de Santiago route

So next year Jan, i will be doing Mother of all tours, Round the World for 2-3 years
Starting from Miami down to South America (should reach Bueno Aires by early 2018)

It is such a long trip so it would be great if i have some company along the Journey. My average touring speed on flats is 15-18km/h, 11km/h when climbing

Do hit me up if interested to join me for part of journey or host me even.