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Transportation Barcelona airport to city centre?

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Transportation Barcelona airport to city centre?

I´m flying from Sweden arriving in Barcelona Saturday 24/9 at 19:30 and need to get inte the city centre for an airbnb or hotel. Is there a simple way to bike into town? or do you neeed to take a train, bus taxi? I Have not booked anywhere to stay for the night yet, Im want to send a couple of warmshowers request first. But everything seems to be in the city centre anyway so some for of transportation seems necessary.

I would have preferred taking my bike but I arrive after dark and probably need to check-in as fast as possible. Plus it seems just a little bit scary to navigate through a big city alone at night. (atleast when you aren´t used to travel alone or being in big cities.

If any of you (or if you know someone) want to host me on my arrival, please send me a message:)
I'm a 22 year old Swedish guy going on my very first bicycle tour. I´m planing on staying in Barcelona over the weekend and the travel up to the french boarder and from there ride south towards Marocco.


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I never do it with a bike

I never do it with a bike (only on foot)

you can take your bike into the train from airport to city center station "sants " (the only thing I don' t know what is the rush hours in spain )

you also take bike in subway with conditions

there the 9 line from the aiport
Passengers are permitted to bring bicycles on the metro on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and every day during July and August. On weekdays throughout the rest of the year, bicycles are permitted from 5.00 am until 7.00 am, from 9.30 am until 5.00 pm and from 8.30 pm until close of the service

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I did it on a bike

I actually did it on a bike, but it was at 9 AM.
The first road is kinda scary because of the highway profile, 4 lanes, huge shoulder.
I had to ask a lot of directions. But I think I did something like:
There are some cycle paths. but some roads and zones under construction.
As soon as you get to the Gran Via, it crosses Barcelona from one end to the other. And has a cycle way almost in the entirety of its length.

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