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Women Traveling Alone

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Women Traveling Alone

I am riding from Paris to Morocco this fall/winter. I would like to ride as far down the Atlantic Coast as possible. Anybody have any experience with this and are there any women who have traveled alone in this part of the world?

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another link


that's an interesting tour. I wish You all the best.

Maybe that site could be interesting for You:

Try it and tell me about.

Regards Sebastian

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What I will say may not be of

What I will say may not be of much use to you, as it is based on my travels more than 25 years ago. I made a nine-day side trip to Morocco on a nearly year-long European bicycle tour in the mid-1980s. I debated whether to bring the bicycle, and finally decided to leave it in Spain. I think it was a wise decision. I wouldn't have felt the bike was safe for more than a few seconds out of my sight. I just wasn't prepared for the level of hassle I received from a vast army of young male Moroccans who were unemployed and had nothing else to do but ply the tourists. It was impossible to deter them with the usual impolite words; it required absolute personal abuse, even sometimes acting as if I were insane, to put them off. It was the first time I understood the unwanted attention so many young women receive.

The north of the country was the worst. As I worked my way south, the situation improved, to the point where I found Marrakesh exotic and fascinating. Rabat was also more reasonable. At least the would-be guides and "friends" would take a simple "no" as an answer.

I can't imagine being a young solo female bike traveler in Morocco.

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Not being a women but I think

Not being a women but I think you should consider to read and to follow this time the advice of your foreign office (of exterior?) for some countries. Specially at the moment.

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Think so, the most dangerous thing is almost the traffic. Try to ask women for any type of informations.
Clothes are mostly no problem.

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The north is even worst for

Fly to the south with your bike or avoid big cities !

Happy travels

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Morocco has it's moments

I rode south from Marrakesh with a male friend about 5 years ago and was surprised that I still had some hassles from men, even with my buddy right there. It turned me off enough that I have no desire to go back there. You have to be very firm with the men and they can be very relentless. There was one hotel where we had to use a communal bathroom and the front desk clerk just waited there for me to come out and he tried to kiss me as I went into the washroom. The thought that he likely had a spare key to my room did cross my mind and made me glad that I at least had a male friend with me in the room. It was enough hassle for a woman in my forties but if you are younger then it might be even worse for you.
However, aside from the men assuming that all western women want to have sex with them, the cycling was good and I felt reasonably safe in all other aspects. The scenery was nice and the mint tea and olives were great.

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Hi Obijantoo, I cycled last

Hi Obijantoo, I cycled last year across Morocco, Spain and Portugal for 4 months...As a woman traveling alone (and on a bicycle), you will attract a lot of looks for sure, but if you respect some rules and you have a self-confident attitude, common sense and know how to be assertive when needed, Morocco is a great place and people are very hospitable. You always know where you start your day, but never know where you will finish it...and this is another challenge...leaving actually!! For security reasons, I have never done wild camping in Morocco, I did stay in campsites and in maison's d hotes, pensions and small hotels. I don't know if you are already on the road, but you can mail me any time to my private adresss [email protected] and I would be happy to answer any questions and tell you about the route and the complexities I have encountered.
take care, Rocio

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sorry, I misspelled your

sorry, I misspelled your nickname! obinjatoo!

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Looks like an old post but

Looks like an old post but I've been more interested lately in issues like street harassment, which seems to be what you're getting. It's really sad to see it still happens all the time, especially in larger American cities where even I notice it (which is rare unless I'm paying close attention, as I'm clearly male).

That said, do you find that it's any less common while cycling? And what are some things men can do when biking/traveling with women to stop or prevent it?

Oh, and how was the ride?

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