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USA, solo female cycling the southern tier (Florida-Texas)

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USA, solo female cycling the southern tier (Florida-Texas)

I'm cycling the Florida-Texas part of the southern tier (west bound), starting mid August 2016. Does anyone know if there are normally many cyclists along this route that time of year? Because cycling alone can be dangerous I am hoping to meet other cyclists on the road, but I don't know what to expect. Is this a popular cycling route or will I be the only cycling person there?

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Heading West

Too hot and stormy after New Orleans right now. There will be lots of riders beginning mid-September. I wish you luck. And don't worry about it being dangerous. It's not. You are going to meet wonderful people. Carry Bear Spray as a deterrent. You will feel safer.

I'm bicycle touring down the Mississippi River basin in September and should reach N.O. around October 9th. I then turn west to San Diego. Maybe I'll bump into you.

Let me know if you want host information for places I have stayed along the Gulf Coast. Nice people. (Contact Warmshowers hosts now. It makes it much easier to plan ahead.)

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Thanks for your reply and

Thanks for your reply and advice! I would love to get host info if there is someone you recommend :)

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An Omission

I just realized something I left out. I'm more of a social guy and enjoy meeting people. That's what adventure cycling is to me so maybe I won't be much help. Adventure Cycling maps tend to take one away from civilization, quiet roads where locals do not tend their dogs. Busier roads allow for towns and more host availability. My trip was along the coast highway whereas you might wish to stay away from people, and I can't help you there. It was so easy and beautiful. I do have a number of hosts there that were very helpful and friendly to me. If you want to get a real taste of America, don't stay in the bushes. But whatever you choose, welcome to our wonderful land.

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We cycled from Texas -

We cycled from Texas - Florida last year as a couple. Although everyone thought we were crazy we met the most amazing, friendly and warm people. They often warned us of people in the next state "they are crazy in Alabama, Mississippi etc" "be careful" they said but we never had any problems at all.

As a solo female tourer people would go out of their way to help you. If they are not cyclists themselves they would advice against it , thinking it was almost suicidal to cycle across America.

Regarding the souther tier. We purchased 2 of the maps. I cant remeber which parts. We started in Austin and were on the souther tier after 4-5 days. It depends what type of riding you like but to be honest both times we then left the southern tier and cycled along highway 90 by the coast.

Its not the people you want to be careful of its the dogs. Our days in the souther tier were filled with dog chases. Some funny and some quite frightening. In the end we would be on constant dog alert and always looking over ur shoulders. These are not wild dogs but they live outside and defend the territory. Carry pepper spray !

We intended to follow the souther tier for quite a part of the trip. We then met an Australian couple who had cycled that way. They said every day there was dog chases in Mississippi, Alabama & Florida as the souther tier runs north of Highway 90 through quieter villages and rural areas.

Some cyclists are completly unfazed by the dogs. We however did not enjoy it.

Once on highway 90 , although the roads were busy there was always a massive shoulder that made us feel quite safe. Although its not for everyone. We stayed in Firestations and with Warmshowers hosts in these areas. The only time we saw other cyclists however was on the southern tier.

Let us know if you need any more advice


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Thanks for your reply! I

Thanks for your reply! I think I'll try to stay on the southern tier then. Pepper spray, noted :)

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Stop between New Orleans and Baton Rouge

If you want to make a stop between the two cities, I should be available to host. Feel free to check out my profile.
We don't always have storms. We may have afternoon showers due to our heat, but if you time your rides well you can miss those.
Good luck.

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Thanks! I would love that! If

Thanks! I would love that! If I make it that far I will contact you.

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