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Tajik kirgiz route options

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Tajik kirgiz route options

Hej there warmshowerers!

I am rolling towards the Pamirs and am wondering about some quality insight from you fellow experts.

I am a bit limited on time and have to meet up a friend in osh the 16th and will probably have less than a month coming into Tajikistan. I am trying to decide on a good route and am looking forward to the scenic part and rough isolation.

My first question is which route between the pamir highway, wahkhan and bartang valley is the most scenic and are there even more options that are less traveled and recommended for my timeframe?

If I choose the whakhan way do you guys think I have to rush it?

If I choose the one most appealing at the moment (bartang valley) will I have to much time and miss out on the highlights of the other road? And is there any way to combine it without sticking to the middleroad of 41 which is probably eaqualy as beautiful but at the moment not feeling as appealing...

I have had a live of small mud roads that instills a feeling of exploration and discovery while on this travel and I much prefer small scenic routes with some solitude.

Cheers all!

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You cross from wakhan to

You cross from wakhan to pamir highway so can get both. I think it was like week 10days from eshkashem to kirgiz border.going this way. Also from dushanbe to pamirs you can take the bigh rd not the hgw on flat.

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