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Transport my bike by air from Nordkapp?

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Transport my bike by air from Nordkapp?

Hi dear warm showers,

Currently I'm heading to Nordkapp alone, I want to get there by 7th of July. After the trip I would like to take a flight from Honningsvag to Hamburg, preferably with my bike. But I haven't transported a bike by air. Is it possible to transport a bike with many changes? Because I have to change at least 3 times from Honningsvag to Hamburg, if I have to book a transport for each flight the time will be much problematic, since some change has only 25 minutes time, and also the cost will be high.

So I would like to turn to Warm Showers, if anyone has transported your bike from or to Nordkapp? With some changes?

Otherwise is anyone interested in buying my bike as second hand there?

Thanks a lot.