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"Responsivness " rate

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"Responsivness " rate

For some time, I have been very critical of "non-responsive" Hosts, who can't be bothered to reply to a Request. This makes it difficult for Guests to find genuinely available Hosts.

So i have prided myself on a 100 % Responsiveness rate.

Today, i find my Rate has dropped from 100 % to 86 % just b/c I have Deleted a Message without replying to it ( it needed no reply, it wasn't a request !!) and I Deleted it from my WS In-box...

To my considerable chagrin, i find that this counts against my Response Rate AND I can't do anything about it (!) once it is Deleted...

This is such a nuisance....
BTW : I tried to Search for a previous Thread on thus subject, and could find none. It was discussed some time ago at the FB site

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It'd probably be best to

It'd probably be best to contact someone at WS directly -

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I agree that a strong

I agree that a strong response rating is nice to have, but don't get to worked up about it, 86% is still pretty good :)

Next time just always respond, even if its just a simple thank you for a message response.

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I had something similar

I once got the same message three times. I deleted 2 of them and responded to the third. Later I realised that my response rate had gone down a fair bit because of this.

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Also prideful about response rates

I too am rather prideful about response rates. I couldn't figure out how I had dropped lower until I realized that someone who was planning to visit had sent a new message rather than replying to the original message thread. I had to answer her on it in order to get the count back. I guess the only consolation is that a year from now that message won't count toward your % rate.

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