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Great Divide (southbound) - Start in June 2016

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Great Divide (southbound) - Start in June 2016

Hola, I'm looking for a travelling buddy/buddies who'd be interested in doing the Great Divide this summer.

I'm 34, from the Czech Republic and currently living in Canada. A reasonably seasoned cyclist with New Zealand, Iceland and bits of Canada under my belt, looking forward to tackling the next challenge with someone, rather than travelling solo like in the past. I enjoy travelling on the cheap, but within reason and combining it with the comforts of civilisation every now and then. Apart from biking, I'm a keen hiker and I love telling jokes.

The ideal travelling partner would be an attractive single woman with a thing for European accents, but I'll settle for an ugly guy with a good sense of humour, as long as we make a good team :) I'm looking for a reasonably fast teammate, but not a racer. Someone who knows when to pull a full-on day of riding and when to take it easy and enjoy the landscape.

More info about me and my travels: