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Burlington VT

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Burlington VT

I'm planning a short tour starting and ending in Burlington, VT. I'm hoping to rent a touring bike rather than ship my own. Is there a bike shop that rents touring bikes?

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Bike rentals?

Hi Dough,
I cycled twice through Burlington in August. They have several big bike/sport stores downtown. I had to get some small part there so I gathered that thye rent bikes too. But they seem pricey. Depends on how long your tour is.
Here's the place I stopped by:
I hope this helps.

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Bike rentals, Burlington, VT.

Thanks. I missed this place in my search, and you filled the gap.

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Have a great tour!

Cheers. Have a great tour. The area is beautiful, as you might know already.
There's a 300 mile loop I think from and to there. Check Adventure Cycling site for the map.

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