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Suggestions/Information on route. Chisinau,Moldova to Brasov, Romania

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Suggestions/Information on route. Chisinau,Moldova to Brasov, Romania

Hey guys. Anyone have any suggestions, warnings or general information on the/a route from Chisinau in Moldova to Brasov in Romania? Road conditions, supply availability, terrain, accommodation/camping options. Anything really. All info gratefully received.

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some info

I think my answer is late but maybe it can be useful to others.

The shortest route between Chisinau and Brasov would be this:
About the state of roads in Moldova I do not know to tell you. In Romania, this route roads are good although quite crowded.

The road is fairly flat except Onesti-Tg Secuiesc segment in which the road crosses Carpathian mountains reaching maximum altitude of approximately 850 m.

Along the way there are many localities where there are shops and hostels.

If you need more detailed information contact me on private and i will post here more information.

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I did Moldova last spring (May), I entered the country from the South in Palanca and then headed to Chisinau and then Ungheni (so not the route you will take), but the roads were fine. Some roads were okay, others were a little dangerous. The problem are the big trucks which don't care about cyclists, it's like you are invisible. But some roads have larger shoulders which you can ride on and it's generally safe. There are some potholes but nothing serious.

Moldova and Romania don't have much accommodation outside the cities, unless you go through tourist regions. There is also an important lack of restaurants in Moldova although there are some nice exceptions. Moldova is very hilly, sometimes it gets tiring but some routes go through valleys and are okay.

I didn't camp in Moldova or Romania so I can't say. Accommodation is quite cheap. You can probably find more accommodation by asking the locals once you're there (I found things that were not online), although you should not count on it. It can be normal to cycle 100km and find no accommodation. You should look for the words "pensiune" (guesthouse), they are not expensive and generally good (except in some few cases).

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