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More than one bicyclist on a profile

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More than one bicyclist on a profile

This may have been discussed before but figured it is worth bringing up.
This summer I have hosted several guest who are riding in pairs. I think it is great that two friends ,or a couple ,or whatever combo
can do a ride together . More often than not pairs share a profile here. Maybe for ease, or maybe lazy. Married couples generally have a paired description of both of them and it makes sense to share a profile .
What I would like to suggest is that friends who have paired up only to do a long distance ride with , each create their own profiles.
1. well it gives each person a chance to share about themselves
2. long term each ends up with a profile others can reference whether it is for future rides which are solo or with someone else
3. As potential future hosts when their rides are done , they will have a profile with feedback unique to themselves to build on.

the request can come from either and be sure to reference your riding partner so that potential host can view both. As a host
I will gladly give unique feedback to each person.

So for a little upfront effort Warmshowers will continue to be a wonderful tool for both bikers and hosts.

Well those are my rambling thoughts as an engineer who likes to pose solutions for things.

Pedal safe


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This has been brushed on

This has been brushed on recently in several threads.

We have had a long standing policy here and on CS to not accept requests which include people tagging along on other's profiles (unless they are couples where both people are mentioned in the profile and feedback). If the request interests us we will generally reply requesting that everyone concerned set up their own profiles before moving forward from there.

A guest without a profile is someone you can't give feedback to, someone who will probably not participate in the community after their trip and someone you know nothing about (apart from being someone who couldn't be bothered investing 20 minutes of their time setting up a profile for complete strangers to invite them into their homes).

Although we are more tolerant of long standing couple profiles, I think they are generally a bad idea even though we did select this option for our first hospex profile (I think this is now unavailable on CS and BW doesn't seem to have it either). Ideally a hospex site would have all individual profiles which could be linked with an "I live with" or "I'm travelling with" option. Profiles could then change with circumstances with everyone maintaining their own references. But alas the horse has bolted.

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