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Bike box for Venice ar port

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Bike box for Venice ar port

I'm flying out of Venice (Italy) airport and need a bike box for the flight.
Does anybody have an idea of where or how to get a box near to the airport ??

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ask the locals directly, they know the best places.

Regards Sebastian

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Also interested. I will

Also interested. I will finish there on August 20 and I also will need a box.
If you find something out please let me know.
Thank you

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Bike boxes

My usual technique is to ask in a bike shop for a box. Usually they are happy to get rid of them. They come up a bit small sometimes as they are designed for a dismantled bike, you might need 2 boxes and some tape (or dismantle your bike)

I have done this a few times all over the place.

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It's the technique I use at

It's the technique I use at home before leaving, but to come back home, is my B plan, because maybe when you arrive there they don't have any boxes because they already thrown them away (the don't receive every day or...).
It's a really good way, but not efective in every case and....the plane leaves when it leaves, hehehe.

Combining this with a local warmshower could be perfect, asking him to get a box before you arrive. If he goes to the shop and they don't have, he could ask to reserve one the next time they have.

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