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Queec City to St.John, NB cycling info

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Queec City to St.John, NB cycling info

I am looking for info.(recommended routes, accomodations/Warm Showers) re cycling Quebec City to St.John, NB. How long should I plan for this distance?? Any comments welcome. Thanks. Sharon

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Quebec city to St-John

As far as the route from Quebec to the NB border it is easy to find informations with the They will guide you through their bicycle paths and I'm pretty sure you'll find someone to help you travel in NB.

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thanks for comments Oldbob; I'll look up the web-site. Found your community on the map - finally; there's really alot of "saints" in PQ! Cheers

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Quebec City to St John

I rode part of this route last summer as I crossed Canada. Here is some info from Quebec City to Fredericton. From Quebec City I crossed the Pont du Quebec and followed the south shore to Riviere Du Loup. Camped at municipal campsite in L'Islet, then next day passed Riviere Du Loup. Problems getting from R Du L to New Brunswick Border! The Route Vert is gravel which I could not take on my bike, so there are 2 options. Follow the city roads to Junction 96 on the TCN and pedal fast to the NB Border and hope no police are around! I did this to Jct 89 then camped in St Antonin, next day back onto the TCN, breakfast at the Irving Gas Station, then to Edmunston. Otherwise you can follow a series of side roads to Chemin de Riviere Vert to eventually join Hwy 185 just east of TCN Jct 89. I switched between the TCN and Hwy 144 and then Hwy 2 after Grand Falls. At Andover I took the west side of the River on Hwy 130 and camped at Wicklow. From here to Fredericton I used Hwy 2 and 103 to Woodstock, and back to Hwy 2 just after Meductic. You can switch from East to West of the river all along this route, but whichever you choose, it is very hilly! You will have a cumulative gain of 2,355 metres from St Antonin to Fredericton. (Plus that big hill out of Riviere Du Loup!) You can see some photos on our website at Enjoy the ride and I hope you get better weather than I encountered!! Dave.

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your route

Thanks for your comments Dave esp. re gravel!! Don't think I'd like that with a road bike. Will keep your notes & possibly refer to them again when 'on site'. You've had interesting travels X-Canada x2. good for you. I did the BC Trek back in 94 & 96; small world for us cyclists. Best regards

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Hi I haven't done this route

Hi I haven't done this route but a friend of mine who is a long time touring cyclist has a web site with this route on it it is I know he drove it a couple of years a go and planned the route as he went we are going to do it with our club at some point in the future You could even contact him he has alot of knowledge of these areas
I hope this helps
PS have a safe enjoyable trip those areas are beautiful!!! can't do nothing about the weather though!!

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Your route con't

Hi I just commented about your route but then remembered a change to his site it is now and there is a route called Montreal to Halifax you can just take off the Montreal part and stop at St. John you can be sure that he has done a great job in planning this route just print it off and follow I have done many of his routes and they are not always the most direct because he like "touring" and seeing things of interest along the way but they are usually the best routes for safety and nice quiet roads
Melissa, again

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quebec till st johns

if you understand french, i had done that way last summer, and i putted a little guide book in my site

tag, that the list of key words under the presentation canada

suerte Pierre

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